Current version: v1.2e (released 03.09.2023)

taloLoggerGraph-package has been developed to easily visualize any logged and timestamped data from a MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite database table to your web browser. The taloLoggerGraph is implemented using PHP, JPGraph library for PHP and D3 Data-Driven Documents (d3js) (demo images produced with taloLoggerGraph: [img 1] [img 2] )

See the taloLoggerGraph HOWTO for installation and configuration instructions and the taloLoggerGraph FAQ before asking the author for support. See the changelog for information about current and former release changes as well as the application future wishlist.

License and getting the software

Donationware, distributed as Freeware for individual and non-commercial use.

To individual and non-commercial use only! The software may be used freely for non-commercial purposes. Any commercial usage requires permission or license from the author.

If you find this software useful to you and you would like to help the developer to maintain it also in the future, please donate a small amount of your liking to the PayPal account: olammi@iki.fi. You can use the below PayPal link for donation.

This donation is not mandatory to use the software and the software is licensed as freeware for individual and non-commercial use. The software can be downloaded here.

01.02.2024 taloLogger v1.8d released