Current version: v3.3b (released 31.01.2022)

Information about releases will be announced also in the Twitter under hashtag #FetchMap by @w071.

Fetch_map is an script application written to fetch a given size map from supported map services by retrieving needed individual map part images and combining them to a larger map. The user provides the map center geographical coordinates and the horizontal and vertical result map size in kilometers and the requested map scale. Multiple map scales are available from the services. The application supports Finnish coordinate systems and map area of Finland.

In addition to generating the requested map image, the application script saves map calibration files to the disk. Supported calibration and map archive formats are:

The script currently uses and supports the following Finnish map services:

The script can be extended and further developed to support other map services.

See the usage help for details about script options, parameters and examples how to execute the script. See the Fetch_map FAQ before asking the author for support (olammi at iki dot fi). See the changelog for information about current and former release changes.


Requirements for running the application script are:

  • Python series 3 interpreter 3.6 or newer (Python version 2 not anymore supported) (www.python.org) (tested with 3.6.9 and 3.10.1)
  • Pillow, Python Imaging Library fork (original PIL not available anymore) (tested with 5.1.0 and 9.0.0)

Licence and getting the software

Donationware, distributed as Freeware

To individual and non-commercial use only! Script and source code may be used freely for non-commercial purposes. Not allowed to be used for mass downloading of maps!

If you find this software useful to you and you would like to help the developer to maintain it also in the future, please donate a small amount of your liking to the PayPal account: olammi@iki.fi. You can use the below PayPal link for donation.

This donation is not required to use the software and the software is licenced as freeware. The software can be downloaded here.

01.02.2024 taloLogger v1.8d released